Rage of Lions: In a fantastical world of sword and sorcery, a convicted heretic and a widowed noblewoman strike an impossible alliance to protect the frontier against pitiless invaders from the mysterious west. Duchess Amelia must protect her beleaguered province from invaders without and traitors within. Prentice Ash is the man who will build her the army to do that. And both will fight, until the Western Reach is safe.

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2023 has been a bit of a momentous year for me. A couple of years ago I worked for a director/producer friend

Podium Audio has released the first two Rage of Lions books on their platform and the third will be coming soon. If

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(Rage of Lions - Book 5) The sword does not fear the fire that forged it.

(Rage of Lions - Book 4)The cry of the Golden Eagles — twin crests of the High King and the Prince of Rhales—may yet be a shout of victory or a mournful wail of defeat.


Matt’s path to novel writing has not been a straight one, as life seemed to decide he needed to explore other forms of writing first. He first completed a 100k word PhD History thesis, entitled “Religion: Jedi” Myth and Metaphysics in Science Fiction Film from 1977 – 1997. However, academia didn’t have any jobs for talking about sci-fi film, and a PhD makes you wildly overqualified to be a film reviewer. So instead, Matt had to find other applications for his skills. To that end, he found work writing policy documents for a major Australian university, a local government and submissions to the Australian Senate.