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V Mini-Series Poster

A sci-fi nostalgia account shared this poster of the V mini-series from the 1980’s. I remember not being allowed to watch it at the time – I think it was on too late or something like that.

Seeing the poster now, I have a specific annoyance and it’s not missing the original broadcast. The poster says “humankind’s last stand”.

Humankind survives the alien invasion in V. We win – as we do in most alien invasion stories. So it’s not a last stand.

By definition, you cannot survive a “last” stand. That’s what makes it the last!

I know this is pedantic, but we have such a poetic and expressive language – is it too much to ask advertisers to actually know how to use it? Words have meanings – they don’t exist just to sound cool. That’s what music is for.


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