Prentice Ash Has Been Unleashed

Greetings and salutations, welcome. There’s a term in movie production called development hell. It’s what Hollywood says when a film project gets held up and reworked for a long time. Directors or stars attach to a project and then drop out halfway. Someone doesn’t like a script and insists on a rewrite. Companies go bankrupt. […]


Dweltford is the capital of the Western Reach Duchy that was introduced in book 1 and book 2 will take place primarily in the town and its environs. So that folks will have a better sense of what’s happening, a map of will be included in the book. It will be sepia toned to match […]

V Mini-Series Poster

A sci-fi nostalgia account shared this poster of the V mini-series from the 1980’s. I remember not being allowed to watch it at the time – I think it was on too late or something like that. Seeing the poster now, I have a specific annoyance and it’s not missing the original broadcast. The poster […]

Prentice Ash

(Rage of Lions Book 1). Trained as a knight, condemned as a heretic, exiled as a convict, Prentice’s every moment is a struggle just to survive. The Duke is dead and now Duchess Amelia, his young and inexperienced bride, must rule the Western Reach alone.

Rats of Dweltford

(Rage of Lions – Book 2). Victory over the painted invaders was but a prelude to a new conflict that threatens the Western Reach. Led by convict-captain Prentice Ash…