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It’s something I never used to think about – either I liked a book’s cover, or I didn’t. I guess I assumed

The adventures of Mathias Warlock begin with two different sets of guests before breakfast.

Readers of Rage of Lions will know that in the world of the Grand Kingdom, the longsword is the symbol of a

A little while ago an interesting website named contacted me. They have a cool concept, where authors get to publicise their

Whew! August 2022 is turning out to be one of the busiest months I’ve had in a long time. First of all,

It was 2002, or 2003, or...look, the exact year isn't important. What was important was that Wizards of the Coast had released 3rd edition D&D and with it the OGL, the Open Gaming License. They invited anyone who wanted, to make their own Dungeons and Dragons rules and settings. It was a magnificent time full of possibility.