Matt is an avid historian and writer. He Matt has a doctorate in History and Cultural Studies. Matt draws from his knowledge of historical cultures and events, and combines it with his zest for all things creative. Matt is a man of strong conviction and faith and lives in Perth, Western Australia with his wife and 2 children. 

Fantastic Heroes at war

A little while ago an interesting website named contacted me. They have a cool concept, where authors get to publicise their books by creating a list of their own favourites by other authors. invited me to get involved and I created my list of five books of

Fantastic Heroes at War.

I chose the topic and the books and then shared a little about why I love each book. It was fun to talk about some of the books that have influenced me and my writing.

The five books I picked are:

  1. The Jewel in the Skull by Michael Moorcock
  2. Sharpe’s Eagle by Bernard Cornwall
  3. The Sheepfarmer’s Daughter by Elizabeth Moon
  4. Ship of the Line by C.S. Forester
  5. On Basilisk Station by David Weber


The list went live this week, and you can check it out HERE.


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